Academic Catalog

Oceanography (OCEA)

Introduction to Oceanography  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
Physical science course which examines major aspects of the marine environment. Topics include the origin of the oceans, plate tectonics, seafloor features, seawater properties, ocean climate, currents, waves, tides, coastal landforms, marine ecology, pollution, and resources. The history and development of oceanography and the present and future importance of the oceans are also discussed. (AA/AS GE, CSU, CSU GE, IGETC, UC)
Oceanography Laboratory  1 UNITS  
Prerequisite: "C" grade or higher or "Pass" in OCEA 112 or equivalent or concurrent enrollment  
3.0 hours laboratory  
Hands-on oceanographic laboratory experience to accompany and augment OCEA 112. Includes laboratory and field investigations of the marine environment emphasizing the geological, chemical, physical and biological aspects of the ocean. (AA/AS GE, CSU, CSU GE, IGETC, UC)