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Culinary Arts Associate in Science and Certificate of Achievement

The Culinary Arts Associate Degree program focuses on the development of flexible skills and knowledge essential for success in a cooking career. Modern food service is evolving rapidly thus providing a tremendous variety of workplaces from the exclusive dining room to the school cafeteria, from small intimate restaurants to the large hotel restaurants and catering facilities. Other opportunities include catering and personal chef. The associate degree will enable the student to understand the workings of food and the interplay among ingredients, cooking methods, cost factors, nutrition and a satisfying dining experience.

Career Opportunities

Banquet Chef
Breakfast Cook
Cafeteria Manager
Cake Decorator
Catering Manager
Cook’s Assistant
Cookbook Author
Dining Room Manager
Executive Chef
Food and Beverage Manager
Food Researcher
Food Server / Wait Person
Food Stylist
Garde Manager Chef
Kitchen Manager
Master Chef
Menu Consultant
Menu Planner
Pantry Cook
Pastry Chef
Personal Chef
Private Chef
Purchasing Steward
Recipe Developer
Recipe Tester
Restaurant Critic
Restaurant Manager
Restaurant Owner
Sous Chef

The Program-level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) below are outcomes that students will achieve after completing specific degree / certificate requirements in this program. Students will:

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking in the food service environment.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate behaviors in the work place environment.
  3. Apply job acquisition skills.

Associate Degree Major Requirements

CA-160Banquet Service Production3
CA-163Food Purchasing for Culinary Arts1
CA-165Sanitation for Food Service1
CA-166Menu Management1
CA-169Essential Skills for Culinary Arts3
CA-171Intermediate Culinary Skills3
CA-172Principles of Soup, Stock and Sauce Preparation3
CA-173Principles of Buffet and Catering3
CA-174Principles of Baking and Pastry Making3
CA-175Healthy Lifestyle Cuisine3
CA-178Garde Manger3
CA-180Advanced Food Preparation for Fine Dining3
CA-280Culinary Career Preparation1
CA-281Work Experience in Culinary Arts2
CA-282Advanced Work Experience in Culinary Arts2
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Nutrition
International Cooking
Wines of the World
Food Service Management
Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts
Commercial Baking
Total Units38

Plus General Education and Elective Requirements

Certificate of Achievement

Any student who chooses to complete only the requirements listed above for the major qualifies for a Certificate of Achievement in Culinary Arts. An official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.