Academic Catalog


Item Change Description Effective Date
Drone Cinemetography Revised Program, changes to include: removing CSIS 072 and adding CSIS 071. 1/11/2024
Philosophy AA-T Revised Program, change to include: add PHIL 145 to List C. 1/11/2024
Theater Arts AA-T Revised Program, changes to include: add THTR 124D to Required Core and remove duplicate THTR 123B; total units 18. 1/11/2024
Verified Homeless Youth - Basic Needs In line with AB 801, AB 1747, AB 1995, Grossmont College has established the Basic Needs Program to assist students in transition. Grossmont College is committed to providing an educational environment that fosters compassion and respect, welcomes diversity, and supports students in various circumstances (including students experiencing housing and food insecurities). To accomplish this, the college has created support programs and resources that assist our students in meeting their basic needs and promoting their academic success. As part of this program, verified homeless youth students enrolled at Grossmont College or Cuyamaca College may be eligible for the following: priority enrollment (Group 1), California College Promise Grant fee waiver, which waives the $46/unit enrollment fee, use of shower facilities in building 41. Please visit the Basic Needs webpage for information on food pantries: For more information, students can contact: Susan Berry, Basic Needs Coordinator at 1/11/2024
Political Science AA-T Revised program, change to include adding "Select three of the following:" under Required Core. Effective: Fall 2023 as of 2/22/2024. 2/22/2024