Academic Catalog

Family Studies (FS)

Life Management  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
This course is a study of the different factors affecting one?s physical, mental and socio-emotional health in relation to life management. The implication of culture and diversity on belief systems and perception of the world will be examined. Communication, thought processes, and interpersonal relationships will be analyzed for improved self and social awareness. Time and resource management skills will be developed. Special emphasis will be placed on developing critical thinking skills to effectively meet life management challenges. (CSU)
Changing American Family  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
A survey of the contemporary American family with emphasis on changes in form, functions and expectations. The history of the family, both public and private, will be considered and examined in relation to the effects of class, ethnicity and social policy. The effects on the family of common life events experienced by individuals and family members will be covered including sexuality, mate selection, marriage, childbearing, the working family, divorce, domestic violence and aging. The future of the family including implications for the individual and society will be discussed. (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-D, CSU-D, IGETC-4)
Human Development  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
This course is a study of the dynamic forces influencing the biosocial, social/ emotional and cognitive domains of human development throughout the lifespan. Development tasks faced at each lifespan stage are examined from different theoretical perspectives. Topics, from epigenetic influences to current findings in brain development and end-of-life care, are researched and discussed. (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-D, CSU-D, IGETC-4)
Introduction to Human Aging  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
This course focuses on social, economic, physiological and psychological factors which relate to the older adults as their roles in the family and society change. It includes investigation of everyday issues of the aged with emphasis on health, housing, personal economics, family roles, sexuality, spirituality, retirement, and bereavement. (CSU)