Academic Catalog


General Studies: Science and Mathematics

The Associate Degree in General Studies with an Area of Emphasis provides an opportunity for students to design a program of study meaningful and appropriate to their own needs and academic interests. The degree includes general education and a focused area of study. Students may choose to earn this degree for preparation for employment or for personal development.


To meet the General Studies degree requirements, a student must complete the following:

  1. AS or AA General Education Requirements (see Degree Requirements and Transfer Information section)
  2. Choose a minimum of 18 units
    Students must complete a minimum of three units in Science and three units in Mathematics (limitation of one statistics course). The remaining twelve units may be taken from any category.

The Associate in Science in General Studies with an Emphasis in Science and Mathematics will be awarded to students upon completion of general education degree requirements and 18 units in this area. These courses emphasize the study of mathematical and quantitative reasoning skills and apply the facts and principles that form the foundations of living and non-living systems. Students will recognize and utilize the methodologies of science as investigative tools, as well as the limitations of science. Students will use mathematical skills to solve numerical problems encountered in daily life, and more advanced skills for applications in the physical and life sciences.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Solve problems using fundamentals of mathematics, engineering, natural and/or computer science.
  • Utilize mathematical skills to analyze data and/or solve problems.
  • Use the scientific method of inquiry and techniques to answer questions about physical and biological processes.
  • Analyze basic concepts of physical and biological science to evaluate scientific information and solve scientific problems.
ANTH-130Introduction to Biological Anthropology3
ASTR-110Descriptive Astronomy3
ASTR-112General Astronomy Laboratory1
BIO-112Contemporary Issues in Environmental Resources3
BIO-115Biology of Alcohol and Other Drugs3
BIO-122The Secret Life of Plants4
BIO-130General Biology I3
BIO-131General Biology I Laboratory1
BIO-135Ethnobotany/Ethnoecology Lab1
BIO-140Human Anatomy4
BIO-141Human Physiology3
BIO-141LLaboratory in Human Physiology1
BIO-152Paramedical Microbiology5
BIO-230Principles of Cellular, Molecular and Evolutionary Biology4
BIO-240Principles of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology5
BIO-251Human Dissection1
CHEM-102Introduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry5
CHEM-115Fundamentals of Chemistry4
CHEM-120Preparation for General Chemistry4
CHEM-141General Chemistry I5
CHEM-142General Chemistry II5
CHEM-231Organic Chemistry I5
CHEM-232Organic Chemistry II5
ET-110Introduction to Electricity and Electronics4
GEOG-120Physical Geography: Earth Systems3
GEOG-121Physical Geography: Earth Systems Laboratory1
GEOL-104Earth Science3
GEOL-105Physical Geology: Earth Systems Laboratory1
GEOL-110Planet Earth3
GEOL-111Planet Earth Laboratory1
KUMEY-135Ethnobotany/Ethnoecology Lab1
OCEA-112Introduction to Oceanography3
OCEA-113Oceanography Laboratory1
PHYC-110Introductory Physics4
PHYC-130Fundamentals of Physics4
PHYC-131Fundamentals of Physics4
PHYC-201Mechanics and Waves5
PHYC-202Electricity, Magnetism, and Heat5
PHYC-203Light, Optics, and Modern Physics5
BIO-215Statistics for Life Sciences3
MATH-160Elementary Statistics4
MATH-170Analytic Trigonometry3
MATH-175College Algebra4
MATH-176PreCalculus: Functions and Graphs6
MATH-178Calculus for Business, Social and Behavioral Sciences4
MATH-180Analytic Geometry and Calculus I5
MATH-245Discrete Mathematics3
MATH-280Analytic Geometry and Calculus II4
MATH-281Multivariable Calculus4
MATH-284Linear Algebra3
MATH-285Differential Equations3
PSY-215Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences4
CADD and Engineering
CADD-115Engineering Graphics3
CADD-120Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting and Design3
CADD-125Solid Modeling Design3
CADD-129Engineering Solid Modeling3
CADD-131Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting and Design3
ENGR-100Introduction to Engineering and Design4
ENGR-119Basic Engineering CAD3
ENGR-120Engineering Computer Applications3
ENGR-125Solid Modeling Design3
ENGR-129Engineering Solid Modeling3
ENGR-200Engineering Mechanics-Statics3
ENGR-210Electric Circuits4
ENGR-218Plane Surveying4
ENGR-220Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics3
ENGR-270Digital Design4
Computer Science
CS-119Program Design and Development3
CS-119LProgram Design and Development Lab1
CS-165Assembly Language and Machine Architecture4
CS-181Introduction to C++ Programming4
CS-182Introduction to Java Programming4
CS-240Discrete Structures3
CS-281Intermediate C++ Programming and Fundamental Data Structures4
CS-282Intermediate Java Programming and Fundamental Data Structures4