Academic Catalog

Culture, People, & Ideas

General Studies: Humanities and Fine Arts

The Associate Degree in General Studies with an Area of Emphasis provides an opportunity for students to design a program of study meaningful and appropriate to their own needs and academic interests. The degree includes general education and a focused area of study. Students may choose to earn this degree for preparation for employment or for personal development.


To meet the General Studies degree requirements, a student must complete the following:

I. AS or AA General Education Requirements (see Degree Requirements and Transfer Information section)


II. Choose a minimum of 18 units
Students must complete a minimum of three units in Humanities and three units in Fine Arts. The remaining twelve units may be taken from either category.

The Associate in Arts in General Studies with an Emphasis in Humanities and Fine Arts will be awarded to students upon completion of general education degree requirements and 18 units in this area. These courses emphasize the study of cultural, humanistic activities and artistic expression of human beings. Students will evaluate and interpret the ways in which people through the ages in different cultures have responded to themselves and the world around them through artistic and cultural creation. Students will develop an aesthetic awareness and incorporate these concepts when constructing value judgments. .

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the principle elements of representative examples of art, architecture, literature, theater, philosophy, music, dance, film, or other relevant areas of cultural and/or intellectual creativity.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the historical and philosophical contexts of representative areas, movements, media, works, or styles of cultural and/or intellectual creativity.
  • Employ the language, concepts and methods of interpretive criticism as applicable to the respective categories of human creativity.
  • When applicable, apply artistic processes and skills as a creative expression, using a variety of media to communicate meaning and intent in original works of art.
ARAM-120Aramaic I5
ARAM-121Aramaic II5
ARAM-220Aramaic III5
ARBC-120Arabic I5
ARBC-121Arabic II5
ARBC-122Arabic for the Arabic Speaker I5
ARBC-123Arabic for the Arabic Speaker II5
ARBC-130Arabic Literature and Culture3
ARBC-145Arabic Civilizations3
ARBC-220Arabic III5
ARBC-221Arabic IV5
ARBC-250Conversational Arabic I3
ARBC-251Conversational Arabic II3
ARBC-254Conversational Iraqi Dialect3
ARBC-256Conversational Levantine Dialect3
ART-140Survey of Western Art I: Prehistory through Middle Ages3
ART-141Survey of Western ART II: Renaissance through Modern3
ART-142Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas3
ART-143Modern Art3
ART-145Contemporary Art3
ART-146Asian Art3
ART-151Chicanx Art3
ASL-120American Sign Language I4
ASL-121American Sign Language II4
ASL-140Inside Deaf Culture3
ASL-220American Sign Language III4
ASL-221American Sign Language IV4
ENGL-122Introduction to Literature3
ENGL-201Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Literature3
ENGL-202Introduction to Film as Literature3
ENGL-217Fantasy and Science Fiction3
ENGL-221British Literature I3
ENGL-222British Literature II3
ENGL-231American Literature I3
ENGL-232American Literature II3
ENGL-236Chicana/o Literature3
ENGL-238Black Literature3
ENGL-270World Literature I3
ENGL-271World Literature II3
ETHN-111Culture, Art & Ideas of the United States3
ETHN-151Chicanx Art3
ETHN-236Chicana/o Literature3
ETHN-238Black Literature3
HIST-100Early World History3
HIST-101Modern World History3
HIST-105Early Western Civilization3
HIST-106Modern Western Civilization3
HIST-114Comparative History of the Early Americas3
HIST-115Comparative History of the Modern Americas3
HUM-110Principles of the Humanities3
HUM-111Culture, Art & Ideas of the United States3
HUM-115Arts and Culture in Local Context - San Diego3
HUM-116Kumeyaay Arts and Culture I3
HUM-117Kumeyaay Arts and Culture II3
HUM-120European Humanities3
HUM-140Humanities of the Americas3
HUM-155World Mythology through the Humanities3
KUMEY-116Kumeyaay Arts and Culture I3
KUMEY-117Kumeyaay Arts and Culture II3
KUMEY-120Kumeyaay Language I4
KUMEY-121Kumeyaay Language II4
KUMEY-220Kumeyaay Language III4
PHIL-110A General Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL-115History of Philosophy I: Ancient3
PHIL-117History of Philosophy II: Modern and Contemporary3
PHIL-140Problems in Ethics3
PHIL-170Philosophy of Religion: A Cross-Cultural Introduction3
RELG-120World Religions3
RELG-130Scriptures of World Religions3
RELG-160Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: The First Testament3
RELG-170Introduction to Christianity3
SPAN-120Spanish I5
SPAN-121Spanish II5
SPAN-141Spanish and Latin American Cultures3
SPAN-145Hispanic Civilizations3
SPAN-220Spanish III5
SPAN-221Spanish IV5
SPAN-250Conversational Spanish I3
SPAN-251Conversational Spanish II3
Fine Arts
ART-100Art Appreciation3
ART-104Artists and Designers Today3
ART-119Color Theory3
ART-120Two-Dimensional Design3
ART-121Painting I3
ART-124Drawing I3
ART-125Drawing II3
ART-129Three-Dimensional Design3
ART-135Watercolor I3
ART-140Survey of Western Art I: Prehistory through Middle Ages3
ART-141Survey of Western ART II: Renaissance through Modern3
ART-142Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas3
ART-143Modern Art3
ART-144Architecture of the 20th and 21st Centuries3
ART-145Contemporary Art3
ART-146Asian Art3
ART-148Applied Design and Crafts3
ART-151Chicanx Art3
ART-210Introduction to Printmaking3
ART-211Intermediate Printmaking3
ART-220Painting II3
ART-221Painting III3
ART-222Painting IV3
ART-224Drawing III3
ART-225Drawing IV3
ART-230Figure Drawing I3
ART-231Figure Drawing II3
ART-232Figure Drawing III3
ART-233Figure Drawing IV3
ART-235Watercolor II3
ART-236Watercolor III3
ART-240Portraiture and Character Design3
ART-241Illustration I3
ART-242Illustration II3
ETHN-151Chicanx Art3
MUS-110Great Music Listening3
MUS-111History of Jazz3
MUS-115History of Rock Music3
MUS-116Introduction to World Music3
MUS-117Introduction to Music History and Literature3
MUS-123History of Hip-Hop Culture3
THTR-110Introduction to the Theatre3