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Electrical and Computer Engineering Associate in Science

This degree program is designed to cover the first two years of a four-year program leading to the bachelor’s degree in engineering at most four-year colleges and universities. While the bachelor’s degree is usually the minimum needed to practice as an engineer, the associate degree will permit an individual to find work in most engineering firms as an engineering aide.

Career Opportunities

Aerospace Engineer1
Agricultural Engineer1
Architectural Engineer1
Biomedical Engineer1
CAD/CAM Engineer1
Chemical Engineer1
Civil Engineer1
Civil Engineering Technician
Computer Engineer1
Electrical Engineer1
Electrical Engineering Technician
Environmental Engineer1
Geological Engineer1
Industrial Engineer1
Industrial Engineering Technician
Manufacturing Engineer1
Marine Engineer1
Materials Engineer1
Mechanical Engineer1
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Mining Engineer1
Nuclear Engineer1
Petroleum Engineer1
Structural Engineer1
Systems Engineer1
Robotics Engineer1


Bachelor’s degree or higher required.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Visualize 3D objects and sketch them accurately in 2D.
  • Solve engineering problems through computer modeling, employing a computer language such as C or Java.
  • Design and write computer programs that employ linked list memory management, stacks, tree data structures, and searching and sorting algorithms.
  • Determine the DC and steady-state AC voltages and currents everywhere in an electric circuit composed of passive components.
  • Model linear systems of arbitrary size and complexity using linear algebra.
  • Model transient and steady-state electrical systems using systems of 2nd order differential equations.
  • Apply Green’s theorem, Stokes’ theorem, and Maxwell’s equations to solve simple problems in electrostatics and electromagnetism.
  • Analyze and design combinational and sequential digital logic systems of arbitrary complexity, including (for example) Moore and Mealy sequential machines.

Associate in Science Degree Requirements

CHEM-141General Chemistry I5
CS-181Introduction to C++ Programming4
or CS-182 Introduction to Java Programming
CS-281Intermediate C++ Programming and Fundamental Data Structures4
or CS-282 Intermediate Java Programming and Fundamental Data Structures
ENGR-100Introduction to Engineering and Design4
ENGR-210Electric Circuits4
ENGR-270Digital Design4
MATH-180Analytic Geometry and Calculus I5
MATH-245Discrete Mathematics3-4
or MATH-281 Multivariable Calculus
MATH-280Analytic Geometry and Calculus II4
MATH-284Linear Algebra3
MATH-285Differential Equations3
PHYC-201Mechanics and Waves5
PHYC-202Electricity, Magnetism, and Heat5
Total Units53-54

Plus General Education Requirements