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Network and Cybersecurity Technician Certificate of Proficiency

This certificate prepares a student with the basic skills to enter a position in industry as a Network and Cybersecurity Technician. The skills to be gained with the certificate include familiarity with the Linux operating system, computer networks, network security, and ethical hacking or computer forensics.

Note: All courses must be completed with a letter grade of “C” or higher or “Pass.”

CSIS-113Introduction to Linux3
CSIS-121Introduction to Cybersecurity3
CSIS-125Network + Certification3
CSIS-263Security + Certification3
Total Units12

Certificates of Proficiency are designed for the student who needs to be prepared to enter an entry-level job. A department-issued certificate may be awarded upon successful completion of a prescribed course of study. This certificate will not appear on a student’s transcript.