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Language & Communication

Communication Associate in Arts

This degree program is designed to provide students with a broad base of communication classes that provide training for entry into occupations in which verbal skills are important. Major requirements for the four-year degree in Communication vary from institution to institution. It is recommended that students check with transfer institutions for specific requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Research, write and deliver an effective public speech.
  • Critically analyze, critique and synthesize arguments and information.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of media and/or contexts.
  • Apply discipline-specific theories about language and communication to students’ own practice or work.
  • Navigate norms related to communicating in diverse environments, including professional, intercultural, and/or specialized settings.

Career Opportunities

Human Resources
Public Relations

Communication graduates often pursue additional degrees in fields such as law, political science, management, and marketing.

Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

COMM-120Interpersonal Communication3
COMM-122Public Speaking3
List A: Select two from the following:6
Advanced Public Speaking
Critical Thinking in Group Communication
List B: Select two from the following:6
Introduction to Mass Communication
Intercultural Communication
Any course not selected from list A above
Total Units18

Plus General Education Requirements