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Global Trade Operations, Supply Chain Management Certificate of Achievement

The Global Trade Operations Certificate of Achievement is an introductory-level program designed to build a foundational understanding of global trade operations. It will benefit students in the exposure to real life transactions in planning and executing international trade. Essential components of the curriculum include critical roles that importing, global marketing and exporting, logistics, and supply chain management play in contemporary global business. A leadership component is part of the certificate wherein the student gains knowledge and skills, equipping them to problem define and problem solve in international and global contexts. 

Certificate of Achievement Requirements

BUS-259Introduction to Global Trade Operations3
BUS-260Global Trade Operations, Logistics3
BUS-261Global Trade Opertations, Supply Chain Management3
BUS-262Global Trade Operations, Import Procedures3
BUS-263Global Trade Operations, Marketing & Export Procedures3
BUS-264Global Leadership3
Total Units18