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Environmental & Applied Technology

Wastewater Collection Systems Associate in Science and Certificate of Achievement

Students completing the required courses for this major will qualify to take nearly a dozen wastewater related certification examinations offered by the California Water Environment Association (CWEA). Although current State regulations do not require certification of wastewater collection system personnel, many public sector employers either require or prefer job applicants who have obtained the CWEA Wastewater Collection and Maintenance certifications.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Define common terminology pertaining to collections system components, design, and management as well as inspection and quality control.
  • Identify the types and functions of pipes and fittings used in wastewater collection system design and management.
  • Given a wastewater collection map book, identify pipeline dimensions, pipe construction materials, direction of flow, and location of valves, services and lift stations.
  • Describe in detail basic underground location and leak detection, trenching and shoring, and backfill and compaction methods of construction used in the field.
  • Describe the nine basic cleaning methods and basic principles involved in hydraulic and mechanical cleaning methods.
  • List and describe the operation of common valves used in a wastewater collection system.
  • Perform basic mathematical computations and conversions relating to wastewater collection systems, pressure, volume, velocity, chemical dosage, and hydraulic and organic loading.

Associate in Science Degree Requirements

CWS-100Career Pathways in Water & Wastewater3
CWS-101Fundamentals of Water & Wastewater3
CWS-102Calculations in Water & Wastewater3
CWS-106Electrical & Instrumentation Processes3
CWS-107Safety in Water & Wastewater3
CWS-132Wastewater Collection Systems3
CWS-134Pumps, Motors & Valves3
CWS-204Applied Hydraulics3
CWS-232Advanced Wastewater Collection Systems3
CWS-282Cross-Connection Control Specialist3
Select at least six units from the following:6-7
Water Resources Management
Laboratory Analysis for Water & Wastewater
Water Treatment Plant Operations
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations
Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse
Water Distribution Systems
Advanced Electrical & Instrumentation Processes
Practical Skills in Water & Wastewater Systems
Advanced Laboratory Analysis for Water & Wastewater
Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations
Advanced Water Distribution Systems
Public Works Supervision
Backflow Tester Training
Cross-Connection Control Specialist- Recycled Water
Cooperative Work Experience
Total Units36-37

Plus General Education Requirements

Certificate of Achievement

Students who complete only the major requirements above qualify for a Certificate in Wastewater Collection Systems. An official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.