Academic Catalog

Counseling (COUN)

Academic and Financial Aid Planning  0.5 UNITS  
0.5 hours lecture  
This course will familiarize students with: (a) financial aid resources available to them to meet educational expenses; (b) Cuyamaca College's Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy; (c) federal/state regulations for determining and maintaining eligibility for financial aid eligibility; (d) the student's rights and responsibilities in receiving aid. Pass/No Pass only. Non-degree applicable.
Introduction to College  0.5-1 UNITS  
0.5 hours lecture  
An introductory course designed to assist students with a successful transition to college. An overview of student responsibilities, college expectations, college and career success strategies will be discussed. Students will learn about the college; campus, services, academic regulations, general education requirements, and certificate, degree and transfer options. Students will receive education planning. Pass/No Pass only. Non-degree applicable. 0.5 hour lecture (0.5 unit), 1 hour lecture (1 unit).
Career Decision Making  1 UNITS  
1.0 hours lecture  
Lecture, group discussion, experiential activities and career assessment tools will be utilized to assist students in identifying their individual interests, values, and personality styles. Students will conduct educational and career research that will help them relate their career assessment results to setting academic and career goals. Students will also learn essential skills for obtaining employment such as resume building and job interviewing techniques. (CSU)
College and Career Success  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
This course teaches academic and career success strategies to enhance lifelong learning and well-being. Students will explore and discover values, interests, and personal strengths to make meaningful choices about their educational, career, and personal goals. Students will learn how to be successful in college by improving study skills and exploring motivation. Success topics include managing stress, developing creativity, improving communications and relationships, and maintaining wellness in a diverse society. COUN 120 and COUN 150 combined; maximum UC credit, one course. (CSU, CSU GE, UC credit limit)
Study Skills and Time Management  1 UNITS  
1.0 hours lecture  
This course is designed to prepare students to adjust to the academic community by learning to plan and study effectively within given time limitations. Strategies include: time management, goal setting, textbook mastery, library research skills, note-taking, exam preparation, stress reduction, and educational planning. (CSU)
Self Awareness and Interpersonal Relationships  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
This course analyzes the cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, and existential theories as they relate to the awareness of the self and the dynamics of healthy relationships. Using many of the skills suggested by the above theories, students will define and utilize personal achievement techniques, basic principles of healthy functioning, and effective coping strategies that facilitate the process of intra and interpersonal change and relationships. Utilizing the major theories in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, the development of a healthy and strong identity and an empowered sense of self will be explored. (AA/AS GE, CSU, CSU GE)
Transfer Success  1 UNITS  
1.0 hours lecture  
This course provides the information needed for a student to transfer to a baccalaureate institution, including strategies to achieve academic success and research skills essential to developing a comprehensive educational plan. Topics include the community college transfer process, selection of major, student support services, comparing and contrasting a variety of universities, and validation of one's educational goal. COUN 120 and COUN 150 combined; maximum UC credit, one course. (CSU, UC credit limit)