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Political Science Associate in Arts

Political Science is perhaps the oldest organized academic discipline in western civilization, and a major in this field prepares students for a variety of challenges. A major in political science can lead to a transfer to a university where one can continue work leading to a baccalaureate degree in political science, public administration or public policy. In addition, there are selected entry level positions in business and government open to the graduate with an Associate in Arts degree in Political Science. Some individuals follow the steps necessary to go beyond an undergraduate degree and enter graduate schools leading to careers in law, government service, or industry.

Outlined below is the program that fulfills the lower division requirements for most majors in political science in universities. For special requirements, the student should consult the baccalaureate granting institution he/she is considering for matriculation.

Career Opportunities

Book Critic
City Manager1
Congressional District Aide
Consular Officer1
Diplomatic Officer1
Election Supervisor
Fund Raising Director1
Intelligence Specialist1
Labor Relations Specialist1
Paralegal Assistant
Research Assistant
Urban Planner1


Bachelor’s Degree or higher required.

The Program-level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) below are outcomes that students will achieve after completing specific degree / certificate requirements in this program. Students will:

  1. Think critically and effectively express their views in written and verbal communication.
  2. Demonstrate the skills for contemporary world citizenship.
  3. Demonstrate a basic understanding of US and world politics as well as the broad discipline of political science.
  4. Pursue advanced study in political science and relevant career-oriented programs.
  5. Critically analyze the nature of power in political systems including the roles played by institutional and non-institutional actors.

Associate Degree Major Requirements

POSC-120Introduction to Politics and Political Analysis3
POSC-121Introduction to U.S. Government and Politics3
Select three of the following: 19
Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics
Introduction to International Relations
Introduction to California Governments and Politics
Introduction to Latin American Government and Politics
Introduction to Middle East Government and Politics
American Foreign Policy
Introduction to Political Theory
State and Society in the Asia Pacific
ECON-120Principles of Macroeconomics3
or GEOG-130 Human Geography: The Cultural Landscape
Total Units18

Plus General Education and Elective Requirements


After consultation with a member of the political science faculty and a counselor because of differences in transfer requirements at various four year institutions.

Recommended Electives

Students planning to complete a baccalaureate degree in political science are strongly advised to consult with a faculty advisor in political science at Grossmont College and take the following courses:

ANTH-120Cultural Anthropology3
ECON-215Statistics for Business and Economics4
or MATH-160 Elementary Statistics
HIST-108Early American History3
HIST-109Modern American History3
POSC-135Model United Nations1
SOC-120Introductory Sociology3