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American Sign Language Certificate of Achievement

This certificate is designed for students who want to acquire advanced expressive and receptive signing skills, as well as develop a greater awareness of the Deaf community and Deaf culture. The emphasis is on paraprofessional vocations and preparation for continued study in the subject. Upon completion, students may wish to transfer to an Interpreter Certification, American Sign Language, or Deaf Studies program or a four year university to continue their studies. It is recommended that students interested in this certificate contact the department faculty.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the acquisition of expressive skills by translating and performing a five-minute song or story in American Sign Language.
  • Demonstrate the acquisition of receptive skills by answering comprehension questions based on a three minute signed presentation with 80 percent accuracy.
  • Compare and contrast American Deaf cultural traditions with American hearing cultural traditions.
  • Describe the evolution of medical technology in the Deaf community.
  • Demonstrate the use of current communication technology as used by the Deaf Community, e.g., videophones.

Certificate Requirements

ASL-120American Sign Language I4
ASL-121American Sign Language II4
ASL-220American Sign Language III4
ASL-221American Sign Language IV4
Select five to six units from the following:5-6
American Sign Language with Infants and Toddlers
American Sign Language With School Age Children
American Sign Language: Fingerspelling
Inside Deaf Culture
Total Units21-22

Certificate of Achievement

Students who complete the requirements above qualify for a Certificate in American Sign Language. An official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.