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Educators Global Awareness Certificate of Proficiency

Certificates of Proficiency are designed for the student who needs to be prepared to enter an entry-level job. A department-issued certificate may be awarded upon successful completion of a prescribed course of study. This certificate will not appear on a student’s transcript.

This Educators Global Awareness Certificate accompanies the successful completion of the courses listed below. In tandem with the two state required courses, the additional “Globalization” class provides an educator with the background and skills needed to successfully address global issues in today’s rapidly changing world; additionally it prepares the educator to incorporate the increasingly important “current events” type of curriculum or course. This certificate addresses the increased demand for a culturally and globally competent public and education system.

GEOG-106World Regional Geography3
GEOL-104Earth Science3
GEOG-100Introduction to Global Studies3
or GEOG-101 Global Issues
Total Units9