Academic Catalog

Psychology (PSY)

Introductory Psychology  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
An introduction of the facts and theories that enhance understanding of human behavior as studied by psychologists. A general overview of the research methods and major research findings of psychology is examined. Topics covered include physiology, learning, perception and cognitive process, development, motivation and emotion, personality, abnormal behavior, therapy, and social psychology. (C-ID PSY 110) (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-D, CSU-D, IGETC-4)
Cross-Cultural Psychology  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
An introduction to theories and research findings regarding cultural influences on human behavior and cognitive processes (life-span development, abnormal behavior and mental health, drug use, self-concept, emotion, gender schemas and gender roles, social behavior, perception, learning, intelligence, and memory). By providing students with a non-judgmental understanding of how culture influence human behavior, this course will make them more equipped to interact in a world where there is increasing contact among different cultures. (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-D, CSU-D, IGETC-4)
Psychology of Health  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
The goal of health psychology is to understand the psychological influences on health promotion and maintenance, on prevention and treatment of illness and on the individual?s response to illness. The course will focus on the etiology and correlates of health and illness, as well as analyze the health care system and the formulation of health policies. (CSU) (AA/AS-D, CSU-E)
Human Sexuality  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
An overview of the biological, psychological, social and cultural aspects of human sexuality. Topics include historical, social and cultural variations, the influence of gender in sexual behavior, the anatomy and physiology of human sexuality and reproduction, sexuality throughout the lifespan, sexual orientation, communication and relationships, sex therapy, rape and sexual assault, contraception and new reproductive technologies, sexual morality, and STDs. (C-ID PSY 130) (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-D, CSU-D, E, IGETC-4)
Social Psychology  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
An examination of individuals in social contexts to reveal how one's thoughts, feelings and actions can be influenced by other people. Includes topics such as social perception and attribution processes, dissonance reduction, altruism, aggression, prejudice, conformity, and group processes. (C-ID PSY 170) (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-D, CSU-D, IGETC-4)
Physiological Psychology  3 UNITS  
Prerequisite: "C" grade or higher or "Pass" in PSY 120 or equivalent.  
3.0 hours lecture  
An examination of the relationships between bodily processes and aspects of behavior. A review of the fundamental research methods and major research findings in physiological psychology. The application of experimental methods in psychology, physiology, and related disciplines to the understanding of perceptual processes, the control of movement, sleep and walking, reproductive behaviors, ingestive behaviors, emotion, learning, language, and mental disorders is explored. Ethical standards for human and animal research are discussed in the context of both invasive and non-invasive experimental research. (C-ID PSY 150) (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-D, CSU-D,E, IGETC-4)
Developmental Psychology  3 UNITS  
Prerequisite: "C" grade or higher or "Pass" in PSY 120 or equivalent.  
3.0 hours lecture  
An introduction to psychological theories and research regarding human physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development from infancy, through childhood, adolescence and maturity. Emphasis is placed on critical analysis of existing theories, research methodology, and research findings, taking into account the influence of factors such as culture, gender, ethnicity, historical cohort, and socio-economic status. The focus of the course is on understanding and applying empirical research and theories in developmental psychology. (C-ID PSY180) (CSU/UC) (CSU-D,E, IGETC-4)
Abnormal Psychology  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
Overview of psychological research and theoretical perspectives involving the diagnoses, causes and treatment of abnormal behavior. The major disorders include anxiety disorders (such as phobias, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive), mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar disorders), schizophrenia, personality disorders, childhood/adolescent disorders (such as ADHD, eating disorders and disorders of the autism spectrum), substance-related disorders and cognitive disorders. (C-ID PSY 120) (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-D,CSU-D, IGETC-4)
Psychology of Interpersonal Skills  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
A study of those skills important for helpful interpersonal relating, accompanied by structured experience and training in their practice. The skill of Empathic Listening is emphasized, with a focus on theory and research, application in helping relationships, and implementation in one-on-one and group interaction in class. The laboratory is designed to give students practice and training (in dyads, triads, pentads, and the entire class) in the many sub-skills that make up Empathic Listening. (CSU/UC) (CSU-E)
Academic and Career Opportunities in Psychology  1 UNITS  
Prerequisite: "C" grade or higher or "Pass" in PSY 120 or equivalent.  
1.0 hours lecture  
Psychology 201 is designed for students interested in majoring in psychology. This course is a study of career options in the field of psychology. Emphasis will be placed on academic planning, post-baccalaureate options in psychology and related fields, and identification of career-related strengths and interests. Recommended after completion of thirty (30) units. This course is offered on a Pass/No Pass basis only. (CSU)
Research Methods in Psychology  4 UNITS  
Prerequisite: "C" grade or higher or "Pass" in PSY 120 and PSY 215 or ANTH 215 or SOC 215 or MATH 160 or equivalent.  
3.5 hours lecture, 1.5 hours laboratory  
An introduction to the scientific methodology used in psychology and the behavioral sciences. This course surveys various psychological research methods with an emphasis on research design, experimental procedures, descriptive methods, mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) instrumentation, and the collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of research data. Research design and methodology will be examined through a review of research in a variety of the sub-disciplines of psychology. The laboratory is designed to complement the lectures and allow each student to design and conduct psychological research. (C-ID PSY 200) (CSU/UC)
Cognitive Psychology  3 UNITS  
Prerequisite: "C" grade or higher or "Pass" in PSY 120 or equivalent.  
3.0 hours lecture  
A general introduction to the principles of cognition. This course examines theoretical and research approaches to the study of cognitive neuroscience, perception, attention, memory, knowledge, visual imagery, language acquisition and development, problem solving and decision making.
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences  4 UNITS  
Prerequisite: "C" grade or higher or "Pass" in MATH 103 or MATH 110 or equivalent or appropriate placement beyond intermediate algebra.  
3.5 hours lecture, 1.5 hours laboratory  
Methods and experience in defining and solving quantitative problems in the behavioral sciences. Emphasis is on the design of experiments and the application of a variety of parametric and nonparametric techniques to the analysis of data. (C-ID MATH 110, SOCI 125) (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-A3, CSU-B4, IGETC-2A)
Learning  3 UNITS  
Prerequisite: "C" grade or higher or "Pass" in PSY 120 or equivalent.  
3.0 hours lecture  
An examination of the basic principles and research in animal and human learning. (CSU/UC) (AA/AS-D, CSU-D,E, IGETC-4)