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General Studies AA - Humanities and Fine Arts

To meet the General Studies degree requirements, a student must complete the following:

  1. AA/AS General Education Requirements (see Degree Requirements section of the catalog).
  2. Choose a minimum of 18 units. Minimum 3 units from Humanities and 3 units from Fine Arts.

The remaining units can be taken from either category.

Courses in this emphasis are designed to cultivate intellect, imagination, sensibility and sensitivity. Students will study great works of the human imagination and will examine their own esthetic and creative experience. Awareness and appreciation of humanistic disciplines will be explored and encouraged. Students will be exposed to the study of human culture from a variety of perspectives.

The Program-level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) below are outcomes that students will achieve after completing specific degree/certificate requirements in this program. Students will:

  1. Analyze the principle elements of representative examples of art, literature, theater, philosophy, music, dance, film, or other relevant areas of cultural and/or intellectual creativity.
  2. Demonstrate an awareness of the historical and philosophical contexts of representative areas, movements, media, works, and/or styles of cultural and/or intellectual creativity.
  3. Employ the language, concepts and methods of interpretive criticism as applicable to the respective categories of human creativity.


Arabic I
Arabic II
Arabic for the Arabic Speaker I
Arabic for the Arabic Speaker II
Language, Culture, and Literature of the Arab World
Arabic III
Arabic IV
Conversational Arabic I
Conversational Arabic II
American Sign Language I
American Sign Language II
American Sign Language: Fingerspelling
American Sign Language: Fingerspelling II
Inside Deaf Culture
American Sign Language III
American Sign Language IV
Chinese I
Chinese II
Chinese III
Chinese IV
Conversational Chinese I
Conversational Chinese II
Intercultural Communication
Critical Thinking in Group Communication
Communication Studies: Race and Ethnicity
Introduction to Literature
Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Literature
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Shakespeare - His Plays and the Theatre of His Time
Views of Death and Dying in Literature
British Literature I
British Literature II
American Literature I
American Literature II
Chicana/o Literature
American Indian Literature
Black Literature
Asian American Literature
World Literature II
La Chicana
Communication Studies: Race and Ethnicity
Chicana/o Literature
American Indian Literature
Black Literature
Asian American Literature
French I
French II
The French-Speaking World: A Cross- -Cultural Perspective
French III
French IV
Conversational French I
Conversational French II
German I
German II
German III
German IV
Conversational German I
Conversational German II
Early World History
Modern World History
Twentieth Century World History
Early Western Civilization
Modern Western Civilization
History of Mexico
Ancient History of Western Civilization
Survey of Medieval History
History of East Asia
Modern Middle East History
Principles of the Humanities
European Humanities
Women and Western Culture
East Asian Humanities
Blues as Literature, History, and Culture
Humanities of the Americas
Humanities of the Future
Modern World Humanities
Italian I
Italian II
Italian III
Italian IV
Conversational Italian I
Conversational Italian II
Japanese I
Japanese II
Japanese Culture and Civilization
Japanese III
Japanese IV
Conversational Japanese I
Conversational Japanese II
A General Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy and Popular Culture
History of Philosophy I: Ancient and Medieval
History of Philosophy II: Modern and Contemporary
United States' Philosophies
Asian and Pacific Philosophies
Problems in Ethics
Social and Political Philosophy
The Philosophy of Art
The Philosophy of Science
Latin American Philosophy
Introduction to the Study of Religion
World Religions
Scriptures of World Religions
Religion and Culture
Scriptures of India and China
Religion in America
Introduction to Christianity
Religion, Government and Politics in America
Russian I
Russian II
Russian III
Russian IV
Conversational Russian I
Conversational Russian II
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish for the Native Speaker I
Spanish for the Native Speaker II
Spanish and Latin American Cultures
Hispanic Civilizations
Spanish III
Spanish IV
Conversational Spanish I
Conversational Spanish II

Fine Arts

Art Appreciation
Artists and Designers Today
Introduction to Mural Painting and Design
Color Theory
Two-Dimensional Design
Painting I
Drawing I
Drawing II
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Three-Dimensional Design
Sculpture I
Jewelry Design I
Jewelry Design II
Survey of Western Art I: Prehistory Through Middle Ages
Survey of Western Art II: Renaissance Through Modern
Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
Modern Art
Contemporary Art
Asian Art
American Art
Introduction to Digital Art
Web and Portfolio Design
Introduction to Printmaking
Intermediate Printmaking
Painting III
Painting IV
Dance History
Dance Appreciation
Introduction to Creative Writing
Chicano/Chicana and Mexican Art
La Chicana
Introduction to American Indian Art
Introduction to Film Analysis
Great Music Listening
The History of Jazz
The History of Rock Music
Introduction to World Music
Introduction to Music History and Literature
History of Hip Hop Culture
Multimedia and the Creative Arts
Introduction to Photography
Personal Photographic Vision
History of Photography
Introduction to Narrative Theory
Introduction to the Theatre
Acting I
Acting II
Historic Costume for the Theatre
20th Century Fashion and Costume
The American Musical on Stage and Screen