Academic Catalog

Language & Communication

English Associate in Arts and Certificate of Achievement

This major fulfills lower division requirements at most four-year colleges and universities and thus provides a broad-based foundation for transfer. For particular requirements, transfer students should consult the appropriate four-year college or university catalog.

The English Department at Cuyamaca College provides students in the local community an opportunity to develop the skills a wide range of employers seek: strong communication, analytical reading, critical thinking, attention to detail, and the ability to work in diverse teams. The department encourages students to engage deeply with literature and nonfiction texts as well as other forms of cultural production, and to account for how those texts inform our ideologies, norms, and values.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of media and/or contexts.
  • Apply discipline-specific theories about language and communication to students’ own practice or work.
  • Navigate norms related to communicating in diverse environments, including professional, intercultural, and/or specialized settings.
  • Develop and support an original argument or interpretation with analysis of relevant evidence.
  • Analyze how authors use language and/or texts to illuminate, critique, and/or shape reality.

Career Opportunities

English majors have gone on to work in a variety of fields, including communications and publishing. In fact, English majors work in virtually every profession there is. Many English majors enter the following careers:

Advertising Manager
Freelance Writer
Interpreter & Translator
News Reporter
Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Specialist
Technical Writer
Writer & Author

Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

ENGL-120College Composition and Reading3
ENGL-122Introduction to Literature3
ENGL-124Advanced Composition: Critical Reasoning and Writing3
ENGL-126Creative Writing3
ENGL-200Cooperative Work Experience in English1-4
Select two of the following:6
British Literature I
British Literature II
American Literature I
American Literature II
World Literature I
World Literature II
Select one of the following:3
Short Fiction Writing I
Poetry Writing I
Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Literature
Introduction to Film as Literature
Masterpieces of Drama
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Chicana/o Literature
Black Literature
Select one of the following:3
Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Mass Communication
Intercultural Communication
Early World History
Modern World History
Culture, Art & Ideas of the United States
Arts & Culture of San Diego
World Mythology through the Humanities
History of Jazz
History of Hip-Hop Culture
A General Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Race & Ethnicity
Total Units25-28

Plus General Education Requirements

Recommended Electives: Students planning to transfer to four-year institutions to complete a bachelor’s degree in English are strongly urged to take the following courses, depending on the requirements at those schools: Two sequential semesters of a single foreign language (10 units).

Certificate of Achievement

Students who complete only the major requirements above qualify for a Certificate in English. An official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.