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International Business Associate in Science and Certificate of Achievement

The International Business program is designed to prepare students with the background and technology necessary to work in a business engaged in international trade. The curriculum is also of value to the individual who is planning to start his/her own import/export business. Internships in local international trade organizations are an important part of the program.

Career Opportunities

Customs Broker
Freight Forwarder
Import-Export Agent
Import-Export Specialist
International Finance & Accounting
International Law
International Planning & Management
International Purchasing & Management

The Program-level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) below are outcomes that students will achieve after completing specific degree/certificate requirements in this program. Students will:

  1. Compare and contrast different political, legal, and economic systems and technological forces and their impact on international management.
  2. Understand and appreciate the need for ethics and social responsibility in international management, and the growing pressures on firms to act in an ethically and socially responsible manner in their global business operations.
  3. Understand the relationship between national culture and organizational culture, integrate those concepts within the context of international management decision-making, and appreciate the challenges of diversity in them modern work environment.
  4. Integrate and apply the basic elements of international strategic management, including the pressures and cost/benefits of strategies that emphasize global integration versus local adaptation; describe the specialized strategies required for emerging economies and for international new ventures.

Associate Degree Major Requirements

Note: All courses must be completed with a letter grade of “C” or higher or “Pass.”

BUS-120Financial Accounting4
BUS-250Introduction to International Business3
BUS-258The Cultural Dimensions in International Business3
BUS-259Introduction to Global Trade Operations3
BUS-260Global Trade Operations, Logistics3
BUS-262Global Trade Operations, Import Procedures3
BUS-263Global Trade Operations, Marketing & Export Procedures3
Select three of the following:7-12
Managerial Accounting
Entrepreneurship: Developing a Business Plan
Entrepreneurship: Managing a New Business
Global Trade Opertations, Supply Chain Management
Internship in International Business
Internship in International Business
Internship in International Business
Internship in International Business
Internship in International Business
Internship in International Business
Intercultural Communication
Or one course in any foreign language
Total Units29-34

Plus General Education and Elective Requirements

Certificate of Achievement

Any student who wishes to complete only the requirements listed above qualifies for a Certificate of Achievement in International Business. An official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.