Academic Catalog

Health Education (HED)

Health Education for Teachers  1 UNITS  
1.0 hours lecture  
Designed for multiple or single subject teacher candidates. Provides introductory knowledge of broad health-related issues relevant to K-12 curriculum. Topics include primary and secondary school health education curriculum design, basic legal issues of health education in California, discussion of community resources, behavior modification techniques, stress management, benefits of regular exercise, nutrition and eating disorders, disease prevention, childhood obesity, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, substance abuse including alcohol and tobacco, safety in the home and school, and violence including gang and domestic violence. Meets the state of California health education requirement for the K-12 teaching credential. (CSU)
Personal Health and Lifestyles  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
This course focuses on the exploration of major health issues and behaviors in the various dimensions of health. Emphasis is placed on individual responsibility for personal health and the promotion of informed, positive health behaviors. Topics include nutrition, exercise, weight control, mental health, stress management, violence, substance abuse, reproductive health, disease prevention, aging, healthcare, and environmental hazards and safety. (C-ID PHS 100) (AA/AS GE, CSU, CSU GE, UC, UC credit limit)
Introduction to Public Health  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
This course provides an introduction to the discipline of Public Health. Students will gain an understanding of the basic concepts and terminologies of public health, and the history and accomplishments of public health officials and agencies. An overview of the functions of various public health professions and institutions, and an in-depth examination of the core public health disciplines is covered. Topics of the discipline include the epidemiology of infectious and chronic disease; prevention and control of diseases in the community including the analysis of the social determinants of health and strategies for eliminating disease, illness and health disparities among various populations; community organizing and health promotion programming; environmental health and safety; global health; and healthcare policy and management. (C-ID PHS 101) (AA/AS GE, CSU, CSU GE, UC)
Health Professions and Organizations  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
A review of health organizations and agencies that operate locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Information regarding potential careers in medicine, allied health, and public health is included. (CSU)
Substance Abuse and Public Health  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
This course provides an overview of the epidemiology and toxicology of substance abuse and its relevance to personal and public health. Students will be introduced to the concept of substance abuse and dependence, the definition of licit and illicit drugs, and the pharmacologic, neurologic and physiologic effects of selected substances on the human brain. Political, social and economic factors involved in the supply and demand for drugs will be discussed. Epidemiologic data on the prevalence, incidence, and trends of smoking, alcohol, prescription and other drug dependencies in the U.S. will be covered, as well as risk factors associated with the use and abuse of these substances. Current options for recovery and a survey of local resources will be reviewed. (C-ID PHS 103) (AA/AS GE, CSU, CSU GE, UC)
Health and Social Justice  3 UNITS  
3.0 hours lecture  
This course provides an introduction to the health inequities in the United States that stem from unequal living conditions. Students will explore how education, socioeconomic status, race and gender shape health epidemics and policy development. The basic knowledge and skills necessary for advocating for health and social justice will be theoretically demonstrated. (C-ID PHS 102) (AA/AS GE, CSU, CSU GE, IGETC, UC)
Healthy Lifestyles: Theory and Application  3 UNITS  
2.0 hours lecture, 3.0 hours laboratory  
A combination of physical activity and lecture providing regular exercise to develop physical fitness and information about basic, sound nutrition as it pertains to weight control. Guidelines that promote lifetime exercise and a healthy lifestyle will be emphasized. * (AA/AS GE, CSU, CSU GE)

*Meets the activity requirement for graduation.