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Humanities Associate in Art

The study of Humanities provides students with wide-ranging exposure to present and past human cultures through formal analysis and historic contextualization of the written word, the artifact, and contemporary media.  The program examines both Western and non-Western traditions in areas including, but not limited to, theater, the visual arts, photography, film, architecture, archaeology, science and technology, literature, philosophy, religion, and music.  The degree exposes students to a breadth of skills and knowledge beneficial for a continuing education in the liberal arts while providing a foundation for lifelong learning through critical thinking and personal expression in both written and oral communication.  The knowledge and skills imparted by the degree prepare students to complement further study within such fields as the arts, history, humanities, literature, communication, languages, English, music, religious studies, law, public service, business, diplomacy, and politics. 

The Program-level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) below are outcomes that students will achieve after completing specific degree/certificate requirements in this program. Students will: 

  1. Analyze the study of human culture from a variety of perspectives.
  2. Examine their own aesthetic and creative experience.
  3. Develop an awareness and appreciation of humanistic disciplines. 

Associate Degree Major Requirements:

HUM-110Principles of the Humanities3
HUM-120European Humanities3
HUM-170Modern World Humanities3
Select two of the following:6
Women and Western Culture
East Asian Humanities
Blues as Literature, History, and Culture
Humanities of the Americas
Humanities of the Future
Select three of the following:9
Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Survey of Western Art I: Prehistory Through Middle Ages
Survey of Western Art II: Renaissance Through Modern
Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
Modern Art
Contemporary Art
Asian Art
American Art
British Literature I
American Literature I
Introduction to American Indian Art
Human Geography: The Cultural Landscape
Introduction to World Music
Introduction to Music History and Literature
History of Photography
Social Psychology
Social Psychology
Total Units24

Plus General Education and Elective Requirements