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Photography Associate in Arts

The Associate of Arts in Photography provides students an in-depth study into the practice and critical discourse of photography, photographic seeing and lens-based culture as a visual document of creative expression and communication. The fundamentals of analog and digital photography are set within a series of foundation, intermediate and advanced courses which reference the rich history of the medium as well as contemporary practice, providing students the opportunity to define his or her path whether it is transfer, career development and/or personal enrichment.

The Program-level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) below are outcomes that students will achieve after completing specific degree / certificate requirements in this program. Students will:

  1. Recognize and recall the characteristics and application of photographic tools, materials and processes in the production of photographs that apply to such photographic genres as art, commercial, fashion, editorial, photojournalism and documentary.
  2. Recognize, recall and demonstrate proper laboratory procedures and practices to produce photographs of optimum technical craft.
  3. Recognize, discuss and appraise/analyze/criticize visual themes and concepts, aesthetic and technical considerations within photography’s historical and contemporary contexts.
  4. Create photographs that demonstrate the comprehension, knowledge and application of photography’s visual and technical attributes in developing a personal photographic vision.

Associate Degree Major Requirements

​Note: All courses must be completed with a letter grade of “C” or higher or “Pass.”

ART-120Two-Dimensional Design3
ART-124Drawing I3
ART-129Three-Dimensional Design3
ART-140Survey of Western Art I: Prehistory Through Middle Ages3
or ART-141 Survey of Western Art II: Renaissance Through Modern
PHOT-150Introduction to Photography3
PHOT-154History of Photography3
PHOT-252Photographer's Portfolio3
Select a minimum of nine units from the following:9
Introduction to Digital Art
Introduction to Printmaking
Personal Photographic Vision
Contemporary Photographic Practice
Total Units30

Plus General Education and Elective Requirements