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General Studies AA - Wellness and Self-Development

To meet the General Studies degree requirements, a student must complete the following:

  1. AA/AS General Education Requirements (see Degree Requirements section of the catalog).
  2. Choose a minimum of 18 units. Minimum 3 units from Wellness and 3 units from Self Development. A maximum of 3 units of credit allowed for ES/DANC activity courses.

The remaining units can be taken from either category.

This emphasis is designed to equip students with information and tools for lifelong wellness and self-development as integrated beings. Students will be acquainted with the vast landscape of wellness and self-development, taking into account the psychological, biological, developmental, physical factors, and they will be able to make effective decisions about optimizing their own wellness, lifestyle, and performance.

The Program-level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) below are outcomes that students will achieve after completing specific degree / certificate requirements in this program. Students will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of nutrition, optimal health/lifestyles and fitness in daily life through informed decision-making.
  2. Describe basic principles of nutrition, personal and/or public health.
  3. Demonstrate sound decision making with respect to personal health and wellness.


Introduction to Human Biology
Communication Studies: Health and Wellness
Introduction to Kinesiology
Care and Prevention of Athletic and Recreational Injuries
Keys to Successful Weight Control
Health Education for Teachers
Personal Health and Lifestyles
Introduction to Public Health
Introduction to Nutrition
Nutrition for Fitness and Sports
Cultural Aspects of Food and Nutrition
The Scientific Principles of Food Preparation
Science of Nutrition
Introduction to Dance
Studio Workshop in Tap Dance I
Studio Workshop in Tap Dance II
Studio Workshop in Modern Dance I
Studio Workshop in Modern Dance II
Studio Workshop in Jazz Dance I
Studio Workshop in Jazz Dance II
Modern I
Modern II
Modern III
Modern IV
Tap I
Tap II
Tap IV
Social and Ballroom Dance I
Social and Ballroom Dance II
Latin American Dance I
Latin American Dance II
Jazz I
Jazz II
Jazz III
Jazz IV
Ballet I
Ballet II
Ballet III
Ballet IV
Hip Hop I
Hip Hop II
Hip Hop III
Hip Hop IV
Studio Workshop in Pointe I
Studio Workshop in Pointe II
Studio Workshop in Pointe III
Pilates I
Pilates II
Pilates III
Pilates IV
Adapted Physical Exercise
Advanced Adapted Physical Exercise
Adaptive Aerobic Fitness
Beginning Fitness for the Newcomer
Intermediate Fitness for the Newcomer
Advanced Fitness for the Newcomer
Beginning Cardio Fitness and Resistance Training
Intermediate Cardio Fitness and Resistance Training
Advanced Cardio Fitness and Resistance Training
Beginning Fitness Circuit
Intermediate Fitness Circuit
Advanced Fitness Circuit
Beginning Aerobic Walking for Fitness and Wellness
Intermediate Aerobic Walking for Fitness and Wellness
Advanced Aerobic Walking for Fitness and Wellness
Beginning Indoor Cycling
Intermediate Indoor Cycling
Advanced Indoor Cycling
Beginning Aerobic Dance Exercise
Intermediate Aerobic Dance Exercise
Advanced Aerobic Dance Exercise
Beginning Trail Running
Intermediate Trail Running
Advanced Trail Running
Beginning Trail Hiking
Intermediate Trail Hiking
Advanced Trail Hiking
Beginning Fitness for Chronic Disease And Injury Prevention
Intermediate Fitness for Chronic Disease And Injury Prevention
Advanced Fitness for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention
Total Body Conditioning
Beginning Resistance Training
Intermediate Resistance Training
Advanced Resistance Training
Beginning Fitness Boot Camp
Intermediate Fitness Boot Camp
Advanced Fitness Boot Camp
Stress Reduction Through Movement and Mindfulness
Beginning T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Intermediate T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Advanced T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Beginning Yoga
Intermediate Yoga
Advanced Yoga
Adapted Yoga
Adaptive Aquatic Sports Education
Adapted Swimming Limited
Beginning Springboard Diving
Intermediate Springboard Diving
Advanced Springboard Diving
Swimming for Nonswimmers
Beginning Aquatic Fitness
Intermediate Aquatic Fitness
Advanced Aquatic Fitness
Adapted Water Aerobics
Beginning Swimming
Intermediate Swimming
Advanced Swimming
Beginning Lap Swimming for Health and Fitness
Intermediate Lap Swimming for Health and Fitness
Advanced Lap Swimming for Health and Fitness
Beginning Badminton
Intermediate Badminton
Advanced Badminton
Beginning Pickleball
Intermediate Pickleball
Advanced Pickleball
Beginning Tennis
Intermediate Tennis
Advanced Tennis
Beginning Golf
Intermediate Golf
Advanced Golf
Beginning Gymnastics
Intermediate Gymnastics
Advanced Gymnastics
Beginning Basketball
Intermediate Basketball
Advanced Basketball
Beginning Soccer
Intermediate Soccer
Advanced Soccer
Beginning Softball
Intermediate Softball
Advanced Softball
Beginning Baseball
Intermediate Baseball
Advanced Baseball
Beginning Volleyball
Intermediate Volleyball
Advanced Volleyball
Beginning Beach Volleyball
Intermediate Beach Volleyball
Advanced Beach Volleyball
Self-Defense for Women
Beginning Fencing
Intermediate Fencing
Advanced Fencing


Contemporary Issues in Environmental Resources
Principles of Money Management for Success
Child Growth and Development
Teaching in a Diverse Society
Environmental Chemistry
Global Communication
Introduction to College Success Strategies
Career Decision Making
College and Career Success
Study Skills and Time Management
Views of Death and Dying in Literature
Introduction to Cultural Competence
Life Management
Human Development
Introduction to Human Aging
Research Methods in an Online World
Psychology of Health
Human Sexuality
Physiological Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Psychology of Interpersonal Skills
Marriage, Family, and Alternate Lifestyles