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General Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Associate Degree in General Studies with an Area of Emphasis provides an opportunity for students to design a program of study meaningful and appropriate to their own needs and academic interests. The degree includes general education and a focused area of study. Students may choose to earn this degree for preparation for employment or for personal development.


To meet the General Studies degree requirements, a student must complete the following:

  1. AS or AA General Education Requirements (see Degree Requirements and Transfer Information section)
  2. Choose a minimum of 18 units
    Students must complete a minimum of three units in Social Science and three units in Behavioral Science. The remaining twelve units may be taken from either category.

The Associate in Arts in General Studies with an Emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences will be awarded to students upon completion of general education degree requirements and 18 units in this area. These courses emphasize the study and understanding of human behavior. Students will evaluate and interpret human societies; the institutions, organizations and groups that form them; the ways in which individuals and groups relate to one another; and various approaches and methodologies of the disciplines.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Describe general principles of the political institutions and government of the United States.
  • Analyze the role of social, political, and economic institutions within a historical perspective.
  • Evaluate the ways people act and interact in cultures, societies and social subgroups.
  • Assess how social issues are influenced by geographical and historical processes.
  • Apply knowledge of social and behavioral sciences theories and scientific methods in an assessment of real-world problems.

Social Science

ANTH-120Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH-140Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH-150Introduction to Cultural Resource Management3
ARBC-145Arabic Civilizations3
CD-145Child Abuse and Family Violence in Our Society3
COUN-120College and Career Success3
COUN-140Self Awareness and Interpersonal Relationships3
ECON-110Economic Issues and Policies3
ECON-120Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON-121Principles of Microeconomics3
ETHN-107History of Race & Ethnicity in the United States3
ETHN-114Introduction to Race & Ethnicity3
ETHN-118U.S. History: Chicano/Chicana Perspectives I3
ETHN-119U.S. History: Chicano/Chicana Perspectives II3
ETHN-130U.S. History and Cultures: Native American Perspectives I3
ETHN-131U.S. History and Cultures: Native American Perspectives II3
ETHN-150Latinx Sociology3
ETHN-165Introduction to the Politics of Race and Gender3
ETHN-180U.S. History: Black Perspectives I3
ETHN-181U.S. History: Black Perspectives II3
GEOG-106World Regional Geography3
GEOG-122Regional Field Studies in Physical Geography and Geology of Desert Environments1
GEOG-130Human Geography: the Cultural Landscape3
HIST-100Early World History3
HIST-101Modern World History3
HIST-105Early Western Civilization3
HIST-106Modern Western Civilization3
HIST-107History of Race & Ethnicity in the United States3
HIST-108Early American History3
HIST-109Modern American History3
HIST-118U.S. History: Chicano/Chicana Perspectives I3
HIST-119U.S. History: Chicano/Chicana Perspectives II3
HIST-122Women in Early American History3
HIST-123Women in Modern American History3
HIST-124History of California3
HIST-128Kumeyaay History I: Precontact - 18453
HIST-129Kumeyaay History II: 1846 - Present3
HIST-130U.S. History and Cultures: Native American Perspectives I3
HIST-131U.S. History and Cultures: Native American Perspectives II3
HIST-148The Modern Middle East3
HIST-180U.S. History: Black Perspectives I3
HIST-181U.S. History: Black Perspectives II3
HIST-275Historical Period3
HIST-276Geographical Area3
HIST-277Historical Theme3
KUMEY-128Kumeyaay History I: Precontact - 18453
KUMEY-129Kumeyaay Hist II: 1846 - Present3
KUMEY-150Introduction to Cultural Resource Management3
KUMEY-166Introduction to Native American Politics and Policy3
KUMEY-170Kumeyaay Conflict Resolution3
POSC-120Introduction to Politics and Political Analysis3
POSC-121Introduction to U.S. Government and Politics3
POSC-124Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics3
POSC-130Introduction to International Relations3
POSC-140Introduction to California Governments and Politics3
POSC-145Introduction to Latin American Government and Politics3
POSC-147Introduction to Middle East Government and Politics3
POSC-148American Foreign Policy3
POSC-150Introduction to Political Theory3
POSC-165Introduction to the Politics of Race and Gender3
POSC-166Introduction to Native American Politics and Policy3
POSC-170Introduction to Political Science Research Methods3
SOC-114Introduction to Race & Ethnicity3
SOC-120Introductory Sociology3
SOC-125Marriage, Family and Alternative Lifestyles3
SOC-130Contemporary Social Problems3
SOC-138Social Psychology3
SOC-140Sex and Gender Across Cultures3
SOC-150Latinx Sociology3
SPAN-145Hispanic Civilizations3
SW-170Kumeyaay Conflict Resolution3

Behavioral Science

CD-115Changing American Family3
CD-125Child Growth and Development3
CD-131Child, Family and Community3
COMM-110Introduction to Mass Communication3
COMM-124Intercultural Communication3
HED-120Personal Health and Lifestyles3
HED-201Introduction to Public Health3
HED-203Substance Abuse and Public Health3
HED-204Health and Social Justice3
HED-251Healthy Lifestyles: Theory and Application3
NUTR-158Nutrition for Fitness and Sports3
PSY-120Introductory Psychology3
PSY-125Cross-Cultural Psychology3
PSY-132Psychology of Health3
PSY-134Human Sexuality3
PSY-138Social Psychology3
PSY-140Physiological Psychology3
PSY-150Developmental Psychology3
PSY-170Abnormal Psychology3
PSY-201Academic and Career Opportunities in Psychology1
PSY-211Cognitive Psychology3