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Music Industry Studies Associate in Arts

This degree program provides lower division preparation for students wishing to transfer to a four-year program in Music Industry Studies. The curriculum combines training in music theory, literature and performance with studies in music technology and business. Transfer students should select the CSU GE Breadth or the IGETC transfer pattern (see Degree Requirements and Transfer Information section).

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze a musical score to determine its key, harmonic structure, musical style, and form.
  • Use the piano keyboard to demonstrate musical concepts and play beginning level compositions.
  • Use a digital audio workstation to record and edit digital audio files and notate musical ideas.
  • Identify musical elements in performances and relate them to their cultural and historical contexts.
  • Describe the structure, components, and various career paths of the music industry.
  • Demonstrate proficiency on either a musical instrument or with the voice.

Career Opportunities

Advertising Jingle Writer1
Artist and Repertoire Manager1
Artist Representative
Arts Administrator1
Attorney specializing in Performing Arts1
Concert Producer1
Musical Instrument Manufacturer Representative
Music Publisher1
Music Retail Manager
Professional Songwriter1
Radio Programmer
Record Company representative1
Record Producer1
Recording Studio Engineer1
Video Game Composer


Bachelor Degree or higher required.

Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

MUS-104Introduction to the Music Industry3
MUS-105Music Theory and Practice I4
MUS-106Music Theory and Practice II4
MUS-120Introduction to Music Technology3
MUS-121Music Industry Seminar1
MUS-122Music Industry Seminar1
MUS-132Class Piano I3
MUS-133Class Piano II3
MUS-161Cooperative Work Experience in Music Industry1
MUS-221Music Industry Seminar1
MUS-222Music Industry Seminar1
Select two of the following:6
Great Music Listening
History of Jazz
History of Rock Music
Introduction to World Music
History of Hip-Hop Culture
Digital Audio Recording and Production
Select one of the following:3-4
Financial Accounting
Business Law: Legal Environment of Business
Select four of the following:2-4
Rock, Pop and Soul Ensemble
Rock, Pop and Soul Ensemble
Concert Band
Concert Band
Performance Studies
Performance Studies
Rock, Pop and Soul Ensemble
Rock, Pop and Soul Ensemble
Concert Band
Concert Band
Performance Studies
Performance Studies
Total Units36-39

Plus General Education Requirements