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Addendum 1
ES-008ABeginning Indoor Cycling (Effective Fall 2020)1
ES-008BIntermediate Indoor Cycling (Effective Fall 2020)1
ES-008CAdvanced Indoor Cycling (Effective Fall 2020)1
ES-248Conditioning for Intercollegiate Athletes (Effective Fall 2013)1
ES-249Competencies for Intercollegiate Athletes (Effective Fall 2013)2-4
MUS-001Music Fundamentals (Effective Fall 2007)4
MUS-260Conducting (Effective Fall 2022)1
MUS-262Woodwinds Methods (Effective Fall 2022)1

Addendum 1 Comment 

Courses listed above are UC Transferable. Catalog effective dates for UC Transferable are listed with each course. The addendum is as of 09/18/2023.

Addendum 2
ARBC-256Conversational Levantine Dialect3
ART-119Color Theory3
ART-142Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas3
ART-210Introduction to Printmaking3
ART-211Intermediate Printmaking3
ART-240Portraiture and Character Design3
ESL-2Accelerated Composition for English as a Second Language6
HUM-118Introduction to Kumeyaay Basketry & Pottery3
KUMEY-118Introduction to Kumeyaay Basketry & Pottery3
KUMEY-116Kumeyaay Arts and Culture I3
KUMEY-170Kumeyaay Conflict Resolution3
SW-170Kumeyaay Conflict Resolution3
POSC-145Introduction to Latin American Government and Politics3
POSC-147Introduction to Middle East Government and Politics3
POSC-148American Foreign Policy3
POSC-150Introduction to Political Theory3

Addendum 2 Comment

Courses listed above in Addendum 2 are UC Transferable.

Effective: Fall 2023 as of 09/20/2023.