Academic Catalog

Language & Communication

General Studies: Communication and Language Arts

The Associate Degree in General Studies with an Area of Emphasis provides an opportunity for students to design a program of study meaningful and appropriate to their own needs and academic interests. The degree includes general education and a focused area of study. Students may choose to earn this degree for preparation for employment or for personal development.


To meet the General Studies degree requirements, a student must complete the following:

  1. AS or AA General Education Requirements (see Degree Requirements and Transfer Information section)
  2. Choose a minimum of 18 units
    Students must complete a minimum of three units in Communication and three units in Language Arts. The remaining twelve units may be taken from either category.

The Associate in Arts in General Studies with an Emphasis in Communication and Language Arts will be awarded to students upon completion of general education degree requirements and 18 units in this area. These courses emphasize the study of how language works to express human ideas and feelings. Students will explore and analyze written and verbal communication methods, as well as develop and advance their oral and written communication skills. .

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze information and write effectively.
  • Organize thoughts and ideas in both oral and written format.
  • Communicate effectively with diverse audiences.


BUS-128Business Communication3
COMM-110Introduction to Mass Communication3
COMM-120Interpersonal Communication3
COMM-122Public Speaking3
COMM-123Advanced Public Speaking3
COMM-124Intercultural Communication3
COMM-137Critical Thinking in Group Communication3

Language Arts

ARAM-120Aramaic I5
ARAM-121Aramaic II5
ARAM-220Aramaic III5
ARBC-120Arabic I5
ARBC-121Arabic II5
ARBC-122Arabic for the Arabic Speaker I5
ARBC-123Arabic for the Arabic Speaker II5
ARBC-220Arabic III5
ARBC-221Arabic IV5
ARBC-250Conversational Arabic I3
ARBC-251Conversational Arabic II3
ARBC-254Conversational Iraqi Dialect3
ARBC-256Conversational Levantine Dialect3
ASL-120American Sign Language I4
ASL-121American Sign Language II4
ASL-220American Sign Language III4
ASL-221American Sign Language IV4
BUS-128Business Communication3
ENGL-122Introduction to Literature3
ENGL-124Advanced Composition: Critical Reasoning and Writing3
ENGL-126Creative Writing3
ENGL-201Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Literature3
ENGL-202Introduction to Film as Literature3
ENGL-217Fantasy and Science Fiction3
ENGL-221British Literature I3
ENGL-222British Literature II3
ENGL-231American Literature I3
ENGL-232American Literature II3
ENGL-236Chicana/o Literature3
ENGL-238Black Literature3
ENGL-270World Literature I3
ENGL-271World Literature II3
ETHN-236Chicana/o Literature3
ETHN-238Black Literature3
KUMY-120Kumeyaay Language I4
KUMY-121Kumeyaay Language II4
KUMY-220Kumeyaay Language III4
SPAN-120Spanish I5
SPAN-121Spanish II5
SPAN-220Spanish III5
SPAN-221Spanish IV5
SPAN-250Conversational Spanish I3
SPAN-251Conversational Spanish II3