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Music Education Associate in Arts

This degree program offers lower division preparation for students who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music education and a California teaching credential in music. The primary emphasis is to prepare students for transfer to four-year music education programs.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze a musical score to determine its key, harmonic structure, musical style, and form.
  • Use the piano keyboard to demonstrate musical concepts and play intermediate level compositions.
  • Use a digital audio workstation to record and edit digital audio files and notate musical ideas.
  • Identify musical elements in performances and relate them to their cultural and historical contexts.
  • Describe the typical duties of a secondary school music teacher.
  • Use either the voice or a musical instrument to perform an intermediate level work with reliable technique and appropriate stylistic interpretation.
  • Perform musical works in a large vocal or instrumental ensemble.

Career Opportunities

Choral Director1
Music Instructor/Professor1
Music Librarian1
Music Therapist1
Music Typographer
Performer, Vocalist
Radio Programmer
Recording Company Representative


Bachelor Degree or higher required.

Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

MUS-105Music Theory and Practice I4
MUS-106Music Theory and Practice II4
MUS-110Great Music Listening3
MUS-116Introduction to World Music3
MUS-119Cooperative Work Experience in Music Education1
MUS-120Introduction to Music Technology3
MUS-126Class Guitar I2
MUS-132Class Piano I3
MUS-133Class Piano II3
MUS-170Class Voice2
MUS-190Performance Studies0.5
MUS-191Performance Studies0.5
MUS-232Class Piano III3
MUS-233Class Piano IV3
MUS-290Performance Studies0.5
MUS-291Performance Studies0.5
Select four of the following:4
Rock, Pop and Soul Ensemble
Rock, Pop and Soul Ensemble
Concert Band
Concert Band
Rock, Pop and Soul Ensemble
Rock, Pop and Soul Ensemble
Concert Band
Concert Band
Woodwinds Methods
Brass Methods
String Methods
Percussion Methods
Total Units40

Plus General Education Requirements